Welcome to my channel Learn Playfully – schoolwork in a playful way.

I am a musicteacher and a bassplayer and I am very interested in using music, rythm and also pictures as tools when you learn.

That´s why I call this channel 

Learn Playfully – schoolwork in a playful way

I am the founder of some books where you combine songs, words and pictures in a way that will help you learn how to read or learn a new language.

They are called 

Picture songs in English

Rebuslieder in German

Canciones ilustradas in Spanish

Rebussanger in Norwegian

Kuvalaulukirja in Finnish

Rebussånger in Swedish

In this channel we will learn in a playful way! But also: sometimes we will do things just for fun! To some of my videos there are free downloads. You find them here on my website.So please join me and hope you´ll enjoy it!

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