Rebus songs

Rebus Songs 1 and 2 are books in a series where our most beloved children’s songs are cleverly illustrated. Above each important word there is an explaining picture which enables the child to read and sing the songs long before they can spell. When the time has come for the interest in letters the reader passes on to noticing what the word under the picture looks like.

Singing and watching the pictures in Rebus Songs the child practises many things.

Reading direction: We read from left to right, something which is not self- evident for a child. The clear illustrations make the child ”read” the pictures in the right direction.

Word image: Children can recognize words, their names for example, long before they can read. In Rebus Songs a special word is seen under an explaining picture and so the child gets to know the whole word - like a picture.

Memorizing: Rebus Songs use the printed word, the colourful picture and the song as tools in the practice of reading.

This combination makes the learning a process of pleasure. Every book ends with a lullaby which also makes it a perfect bed-time story.