Picture songs (Rebussånger) are picture books in a series where beloved children's nursery rhymes are cleverly illustrated - above each important word there is a corresponding picture! This enables your child to read the book and sing the songs long before they are able to spell. As your child grows up, they will start noticing the letters under the pictures as well. While singing and looking at the pictures in Picture songs your child will practice the following:

Reading from left to right. We read from left to right, something that is not self evident for a child. The colorful and lively illustrations make the child “read” in the right direction.

Memorization. By using a combination of words, pictures and songs Picture songs encourages learning through memorization!

Recognizing bouma, or “word shapes”. Children recognise certain words long before they know how to read, like their own names. By pairing up words with corresponding pictures children will connect the way words look with their meanings.

It also ends with a lullaby, making it a perfect bedtime story!

Picture songs is a great way to acquaint yourself with the Swedish language. Maybe your ancestors were from Sweden, or maybe you’re just curious about the Swedish language.

Listen to the songs!